• Kim-Cherie Davidson

Live Your List - Australian Paradise

With her mother enchanted by English and doing courses, Diana Paola McClelland was also charmed by the “pretty” language, especially through television shows like Friends. After many English courses and failures, Diana decided to study abroad for six months. She was tossing up between the United States or South Africa; however, her brother was in Australia and described it as “paradise.”


On 5 May 2009, Diana left Bogota as an engineering university graduate bound for Sydney for a six-month English study course.

“My study trip turned into a life decision - with Australian residency, husband, daughter and a career change. Although I miss parts of my Colombian life, I am happy to be here. What I like the most about Australia is I enjoy my life.”

Moving to Australia was never her plan. Even though on leaving, her father, through tears, warned, “you will never come back.”