• Kim-Cherie Davidson

Live Your List - At One with Nature

Growing up in Maitland and Newcastle, this rewilding facilitator had a "love to do" list. Working at the Wilderness Society, she started studying survival skills and earth-based spirituality.


Looking to further her education, she heard about rewilding programs in the US and decided to make it happen in Australia. It then became "the most important thing I imagined doing in my life".

On 1 January 2010, Claire Dunn and five other people started a year living in the bush on a northern NSW property, which became an initiatory journey from girlhood to womanhood.

"It was an adventure in wild living and reclaiming the wild woman in me. After being addicted to busyness, it was a real task to discover myself through solitude, endurance, and challenges such as making fire without matches. It was, and still is, very formative," says Claire.