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  • Liane Morris

Keep on Motoring in Wallsend

The Wallsend Town Business Association (WTBA) aims to promote the development, beautification, and advancement of local businesses within the area through a coordinated and structured promotion, advocacy and planning program.


Local business owners and members of WTBA work hard to ensure that Wallsend remains a wonderful place to live, work and play. The result is a village community that engenders a strong loyalty to its local businesses and celebrates its breadth of diversity and multiculturalism.

Wallsend, once located on what was considered the outskirts of the city of Newcastle, is now becoming more central as the city and its population grow outward. This became obvious to the owners of Goodyear Auto Care, Scott and Corrina.

"I grew up in Wallsend, and I didn't see the potential the way my husband did when we took over the business," said Corrina.

"We now own five outlets across the Newcastle area, and Wallsend is our busiest by far, even though it's located on an industrial estate. It's a very friendly and supportive community, and it's where the families live, and that's what we're all about – making sure that we look after people. We offer free rotation and balance for the lifetime of tyres when they're purchased through us because we want to provide maximum value and safety for our community."

It's a sign of how big the population is growing that the town supports nine automotive businesses, including C&C Mechanical, Hughes Ron Auto Repairs, Scott Forbes Auto, Burton Ross Automotive Services, MyCar Tyre & Auto C E Wallsend, Wallsend Mechanical, Car Paint Repairs What Scratch?, MP Auto Glass and, of course, Goodyear Auto Care Wallsend.

According to Krissy from C&C Mechanical, these automotive businesses all refer business to each other if they are too busy to take on a job.

"We all help each other," said Krissy.

"We love the sense of community here, but we also get a lot of customers from outside the area too. It was my husband's dream to own his own business and to be successful right here in Wallsend. We take a lot of pride in the honesty and integrity of our business, and we love being part of this special place."


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