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Immerse Yourself in History and Be Inspired: Maitland Libraries Celebrate History Week

Maitland Libraries are proud to mark the occasion of History Week by hosting an extraordinary and interactive exhibition entitled 'Voices of the Past.'


Curated by Council's Opened Minds Digitisation team, this captivating exhibition celebrates history and invites visitors to explore the past through a unique lens.

History Week, a statewide celebration organised by the History Council of NSW, will take place between Saturday 2 and Sunday 10 September.

Maitland City Library is joining this celebration by presenting the 'Voices of the Past' exhibition, which will run from Thursday, 31 August, to Thursday, 14 September.

Carol Edmonds, Coordinator of Community Participation at Maitland Libraries, expressed her excitement about the exhibition's role in celebrating History Week. 'This exhibition invites you to enter a world where history comes to life through 'Voices of the Past.'

‘We’re showcasing a remarkable collection of carte-de-visite photographic cards, each carrying a piece of unknown history within its frame,' says Ms Edmonds.

The cards on display will provide a poignant glimpse into the lives of individuals from bygone eras, capturing moments and inspiring stories that resonate through time.

At the heart of the exhibition is an invitation for visitors to become active participants in history. Participants can engage with the enigmatic sitters captured in the photographs through a creative writing activity, encouraging them to lend their voices to unknown people in history and contribute their narratives and perspectives.

'This exhibition encourages us to connect with the past in a personal and meaningful way,' says Ms Edmonds.

‘'Voices of the Past' is not just an exhibition; it's an opportunity to imagine the narrative, to honour those who came before us, and to celebrate the stories that define our collective identity.'

In line with History Week, Maitland City Library will host two other events including the Riverside Crime Walk facilitated by Dark Stories and launch the Maitland Library Oral History Project 2023.

The Maitland Library Oral History Project opens on Thursday 7 September, at Maitland City Library at 2.00pm. Curated by the Opened Minds Digitisation team, this product involves an interactive display of the spoken histories of individuals, families and community members who have either experienced flooding or, whose lives are impacted by the threat of reoccurring flooding in the Maitland region.

On Friday 8 September, Dark Stories will guide you along the riverside walk taking a deep dive into the underbelly of Maitland’s dark past. Tickets to the Riverside Crime Walk are limited and priced at $15.

For more information:

• Voices of the Past exhibition –

• Oral History Project launch -

• Book the Riverside Crime Walk tour -


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