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How to thrive amidst CHAOS!

Covid-19, Afghanistan, climate change. It sometimes feels like the doom and gloom are never-ending. We face an existential crisis, with people everywhere struggling. But, are the skills we've been told to cultivate making things any easier? The straight A's, the prestigious university, and the athletic performances are not providing enough of the support we need when things seem to be crumbling all around us.

Over the next ten years, we will continue to face new challenges, and will the things we have been taught to value be enough to avoid a catastrophic mental health crisis?

Novocastrian Evan Sutter, a leading Australian happiness expert, and his new book Awake will equip us all with valuable skills so we can still thrive amidst the chaos and confusion. His unique approach to creating a book which is also a journal, a guide, a retreat, and a friend, is full of thought-provoking philosophies and actionable practices to help reader