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Game-Changing Partnership: Hunter Melanoma Foundation and Cardiff Boolaroo District Cricket Club

HMF Executive Officer, Claudia Tolhurst with Cardiff Boolaroo Cricket Club.

The Hunter Melanoma Foundation (HMF) and Cardiff Boolaroo District Cricket Club (DCC) launched game-changing partnership for the 2023-24 cricket season last Saturday. This collaboration aims to raise awareness among cricket players about the vital importance of protecting their skin while enjoying the sport.


The Cardiff Boolaroo DCC has deeply rooted itself within the local community since 1949, with the 2024-25 season set to mark the club's 75th anniversary.

“We span from northwest Lake Macquarie to Eleebana, south to Teralba, and east to Lookout Road, fielding an impressive 150 to 180 players across 12 teams for the 2023-24 season”.

“We also have strong connections with the Lake Macquarie Junior Cricket Club, which boasts over 200 young players in a similar catchment area, as well as a drive to create equitable opportunity for all genders fielding a women's team this season in our local area,” Cardiff Boolaroo DCC Secretary, Michael Corrigan said.

In a significant move toward a healthier and safer cricketing community, Cardiff Boolaroo DCC has partnered with HMF. Together, they intend to heighten the awareness and increase the education of sun protective measures for cricket players, coaches, umpires, and spectators.

HMF Executive Officer, Claudia Tolhurst said the partnership with Cardiff Boolaroo was a logical fit that will pave the way for other cricket clubs to consider their sun protective measures.

“With more than 500 players, coaches, umpires and spectators outside every weekend to play or watch the game of cricket, HMF is thrilled to join forces with Cardiff Boolaroo DCC to create a culture where skin protection is as integral as the game itself,” Ms Tolhurst said.

Throughout the season, this partnership will focus on educating everyone about the risks of skin cancer associated with prolonged sun exposure during cricket activities. Initiatives such as sunscreen stations, educational initiatives and protective clothing will be in place to ensure that skin safety remains a top priority for all involved.

“By harnessing the reach of Cardiff Boolaroo DCC and expertise of HMF, this partnership is set to make a lasting impact on the cricketing community. It aims to create a culture where skin safety is championed as an essential part of the game from the very beginning,” Mr Corrigan said.

HMF is dedicated in their fight against eradicating melanoma through spreading awareness of sun protection and early detection across every sport, workplace, and individual in the Hunter community.


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