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Dreaming of crossing into the next LGA

In the old days (aka 2019), you would daydream during your workday about jumping on a plane and sitting in an overwater villa in the Maldives. Arriving in Costa Rica to spend the day doing nothing but sitting on the beach and checking out the wildlife. Ziplining in Thailand. Skiing in New Zealand.

Yesterday my mind wandered as I was writing and landed on my current deepest held desires. A trip to Harris Farm Markets so I could pull the rope and have a load of freshly cooked bread arrive in front of me and to be able to physically walk through the doors of my favourite vintage shop, Junkyard Gypsies in Maitland. One is impossible because it's open but outside my LGA, and the other is both outside my LGA and not able to open the doors due to the current lockdown.

There you have it; my deepest desires seem to ha