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  • Alex Huszti

Dentistry with a Warranty

My team and I regularly see patients who have suffered a broken filling. Yes, it can happen— and it even happens to me.


What concerns me, however, is that many of the patients who present with broken fillings have broken the filling a number of times (sometimes two or three times)—and even more concerning is that they have been charged again for the filling on each occasion!

I can only suspect that these problem fillings have either an engineering problem or an adhesive problem. Irrespective of whether it’s engineering or adhesive, the problem belongs to the dental operator.

I’ve been caught out placing fillings in situations where the filling simply had inadequate strength. As a dentist, I take a keen interest in the engineering that I impart on my dental treatment because this kind of engineering is not only conservative of tooth structure but also has the potential to save teeth from even being touched.

When the team at Belledental suffers such a setback, we carefully examine the engineering and attempt to reduce loading on the broken restoration and/or increase its thickness (strength). We consider this kind of setback an opportunity to learn about how we deliver dentistry and invoke our warranty program. Any fillings that break within five years are replaced or repaired without question.

Because the engineering associated with dentistry is not “straight beams”, much of our treatment recommendations come from experience gained over 35 years doing this kind of if a circumstance arises where we have underestimated the strength of restoration required, we will upgrade the restoration to a new suitable restoration for the difference in cost between the original restoration and the cost of the new restoration -this is our “NO PENALTY” solution for restorative situations that don’t quite work out.

So, if you are struggling with filling that break repeatedly or are just looking for some dentistry that is durable (but carriesa warranty... just in case), contact Belledental, where fillings are our specialty, with a35-year pedigree.


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