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Council Unveils New Look Community Grant Program

Community Grant Program

Maitland City Council is launching its new look Community Grants Program, with individuals and community groups now able to apply for grants that support local initiatives starting today, Monday 3 June 2024.


The Community Grants Program Policy was adopted by Council on Tuesday 28 May, enhancing the program's effectiveness with refined policies, guidelines and an improved application process. The revised policy has been informed by key stakeholder consultation, extensive research and benchmarking.

The policy provides financial support for local community based organisations, groups and individuals to assist with projects that meet community needs and benefit residents in the community.

‘These updates reflect our commitment to social justice, equity and civic engagement, aiming to better align with the community's needs,’ says Maitland City Council Manager Community and Recreation Darren Crumpler.

‘We encourage community organisations, groups and individuals to take advantage of these grant opportunities to bring their projects to life and contribute to a vibrant Maitland.’

Applicants can now apply for three grant programs: Community Projects Grants Program, Community Celebrations Grants Program and Individual Development Grants.

Applications will close on Friday 5 July 2024. Details on each of the Community Grants Programs can be found below. For more information and to apply, visit

Bi-Annual Grant Programs:

Community Projects Grants Program (formally known as Annual Community Grants)

The Community Projects Grant aims to build sustainable local communities and enhance the wellbeing and development of the Maitland community through three distinctive subcategories: Community Strengthening, Creative Community and Healthy Active Living. For more information on the Community Projects Grant and to apply, visit

Community Celebrations Grants Program (formally known as Commemorative and Recognised Days Grants)

The Community Celebrations Grants Program supports groups and community organisations to run events and activities that encourage community participation and involvement, promote leadership and develop a strong sense of belonging. It has two distinctive subcategories including Commemorative Days and Recognised Days and Weeks. For more information on the Community Celebrations Grants Program and to apply, visit


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