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Kip McGrath - Making a Difference for Over 40 Years

For over 40 years, Kip McGrath education centres have helped hundreds of thousands of children throughout the world improve their literacy and numeracy skills and reach their true potential.

Founded in 1974 by Kip and Dug McGrath, the network has grown over the years to 600 centres worldwide. All driven by Kip’s guiding value – a child who needs help, needs a teacher to motivate and guide them.

Each centre offers a blended delivery of face to face and online tutoring in maths, reading, spelling, comprehension and English.

Kip McGrath centres continue to develop in established countries and branch into new areas as the demand to improve English and maths skills grows, and children become more empowered to change their life story through education.

As a passionate educator, Sonia Jerrett from the Wallsend Kip McGrath Education Centre thrives on the challenge of teaching students across a range of age groups, learning abilities, learning needs and backgrounds.

Students can prepare for Kindergarten, right up to HSC level in Maths and English and Sonia and her devoted team have dedicated themselves to assisting their students to gain the skills and confidence which they may have perhaps missed over time.

Each 80-minute group sessions consists of a maximum of 5 students to a tutor, with each child provided with one on one tutoring during the session.

If your child’s report is not as good as you had hoped, why not give Sonia a call on 4950 2207 to arrange a free assessment.

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