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Spring into a New You – Inside and Out!

Is Spring your favourite time of year? Weather warming up, flowers appearing, more people out and about. Of course this year we have the added COVID issues – so get out and about but with social distancing, and the hope of all borders opening soon! One of the other things that happens in Spring is that more of our skin sees the light of day! There is always an upswing in people coming in with spots or bumps on their skin that they have only just noticed. Then there is dry, flakey winter skin to repair, and perhaps some extra weight accumulated over Winter time to sort out!

So - what’s the plan? Glowing healthy skin starts from the inside, so what better time to recharge and refresh your diet. Out with the extra “lockdown” alcohol and heavy winter warmer food, and in with the natural, light and fresh cuisine. How to improve dull skin? Try a diet rich in carotenoids – that is red, yellow and orange colours in fruit and veg.

For example, tomatoes, red capsicum, carrots and leafy greens (think spring salads!). Berries rich in antioxidants and walnuts – rich in essential fatty acids to hydrate and brighten make easy snacks. For an added internal boost, skin-specific probiotics and collagen are a great addition (like Imbibe – an Australian research supported range).

Ok. Inside sorted. What about the outside? First lets deal with the things that can kill you, or at least affect your health - skin cancers. Now that you are paying attention to your skin check it for any new spots, irritated spots, or spots that have changed. Get someone else to check your back. If its time, go get a full-body skin cancer check.

Prevent further skin cancer risk as you head into more outside time by using hats, long sleeves, sunscreen, antioxidant serums and avoiding the times of the day with a high UV index. Then treat that sun damage you are now paying attention to. Brown spots, red patches, broken vessels can all be from UV damage.

Broadband Light used with a multipass method, for example, is an excellent way to clear your skin and provide the long term benefits of collagen-boosting and reducing skin cancer rates.

Take a proactive approach to your skincare routine too. Hopefully, over Winter, you might have visited your skin therapist to boost the ingredients you needed in the dry, cold, windy months. Now, your skin will be experiencing quite a different environment. Check in with a professional to make sure what you are using is the best thing for your skin going into Summer. Perhaps for your body, an exfoliating loofah or mitt would be a good idea.

So then, what about that extra winter weight? Nothing is better for your health than a healthy diet and regular exercise. But if you feel you need some help, there are effective fat reduction devices available that are non-surgical and really work.

For example, the Trusculpt iD at The Mayah Clinic is a radio-frequency (basically electrical) way of heating the fat and destroying fat cells. In this way, you can permanently remove those fat cells. (Interestingly, adults don’t actually make any new fat cells – they just fill up the ones they have made in their childhood.) Studies have shown that in one 15 minute session, you can achieve a 27% reduction in fat in that area. The reduction is seen gradually over three months. An excellent way to ease into Summer!

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