• Chloe O'Sullivan | On Tour with the Kid

Let her Memory be a Revolution

I woke up on Saturday, September 19 to my regular routine – morning coffee, trying to find the one sports sock that always goes missing in the wash before the kid has to play, and of course, checking the news. Mostly these days it’s ensuring that America hasn’t gone to war with someone or spontaneously combusted. Honestly, after the last few months, none of those things would be a surprise. As I opened my laptop and saw the first news item, my heart stopped just for a second. I saw the photo of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and I knew before even reading the headline that she had died.

I felt myself start to cry, and it just kept coming. It’s always awful when someone passes who has done so much for women. You feel personally connected. The fact that this woman – so small in stature – had fought so hard, through sexism and anti-Semitism to be in a position to help shape the laws of the land was such an inspiration.

She was one of onl