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Government plan provides energy certainty for industry

The Hunter Business Chamber has welcomed the Federal Government’s move to provide energy security and affordability for industry and households by committing to boost gas supplies.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison outlined the Government’s plan in his National Energy Address, hosted by the Hunter Business Chamber before an audience of industry stakeholders at the Tomago Westrac plant on Tuesday 15th September.

Mr Morrison committed the Government to building a new gas plant at Kurri Kurri if private sector investment does not step up to match the current capacity of the ageing Liddell Power Station before its scheduled closure in 2023.

Mr Morrison said gas would provide firming capacity in a changing energy market.

The Government would also seek to reset the east coast gas market by unlocking new sources of supply and investing in pipeline infrastructure through a National Gas Infrastructure Plan.

Hunter Business Chamber CEO Bob Hawes said the move to provide guaranteed firming capacity through investment in gas would provide much-needed certainty to industry.

“Gas is a bridge to a cleaner energy future, complementing increased investment in renewables,” Mr Hawes said.

“Industry needs energy supply that is reliable and affordable in order to remain competitive and ensure that manufacturing jobs stay here in our region.

“The Business NSW quarterly Business Conditions Surveys consistently identify energy as a key cost pressure, but an equally significant issue for industry in our region is reliability and consistency of supply.

"As was acknowledged by the Prime Minister today, industries in the Hunter often take the hit through load shedding when the power grid is vulnerable.

“Investment in gas will provide the price and supply guarantee that industry needs as we transition to a new energy mix.”

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