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  • Brett Cameron

The Amazing Benefits of Effective Hypnotherapy

“Thanks, Brett, for your invaluable help mate. I feel like a new man. I can’t thank you enough, and also my kids have bounced back into my life with my new outlook. Thank you.” ~ Jason (Jewells)

There is nothing more rewarding than witnessing the positive changes that clients experience after having clinical hypnotherapy.

  • Imagine if you can, you living a life free of anxiety/PTSD

  • Imagine being able to put old unwanted eating habits into the past.

  • Imagine a life free of smoking forever?

  • Can you imagine a life with you in control, not out of control?

  • Just imagine what you could achieve with new confidence and self-belief.

  • Maybe it is time to get you out of your way. Dare to dream

Hypnotherapy isn’t “talk therapy”. I don’t need to hear your life story. I’m more focused on context, rather than content. I want to help you to change the neurological patterns that have kept you either stuck or in a cycle of repeating unresourceful and unwanted habits and behaviours. People often ask me, “what will I experience when in hypnosis?” I suggest it is as though you have drifted into a dream where you are at the control panel of your life. You can dump some things into the past while at the same time, create space for new possibilities.” Effective hypnotherapy is like giving your mind a software upgrade.

Over the last 14 years, I have worked with thousands of clients and organisations to help individuals and teams make the desired changes to be able to move forward with new confidence, focus and with new purpose.

Are you ready to change the wiring to create a better version of you? Brett at Cameron Hypnotics has created a 3 Session Anxiety Buster program for $450. Check out our advertisement on the right for more information.

Cameron Hypnotics is located at The Junction, 5 minutes from Newcastle CBD. Brett also has a range of Self-Hypnosis MP3s ready for download on his website, or you might want to check the range of self-hypnosis MP3s on Spotify and iTunes by searching Cameron Hypnotics. Health Fund rebates apply where applicable.

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