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Cover Up This Summer!

Window coverings are an essential design element to be considered as a part of an overall interior design scheme but are often overlooked until the end of a job.

This can limit your options, especially in a new build, and you may miss out on achieving the ideal solution. For example, curtain tracks and roller blinds can be hidden in bulkheads, or curtains can seem to disappear into a cavity, or they can be motorised and wired in before walls go up. These little tweaks at the construction stage can have a significant impact on the finished product both visually and for you, the end-user.

Consider the overall aesthetic and how they will feature in the space. Will they be a highlight and stand out, or will they blend in? What are you trying to achieve with them – softening of the room, day privacy, night privacy, insulation, sun protection, complete light block out, or a combination? To find the best solutions, the functionality of not only the products but also the window or door opening must be taken into account. The combination of the right products can help achieve all of the above requirements.