• Alex Huszti

Keeping your Teeth FOR LIFE

One of the most common concerns raised by patients in my practice is ‘How do I keep my teeth into old age and avoid dentures?’ This patient concern has been the major contributing factor in the development of my restorative dental care. As a dentist, the best way I can help you keep your teeth for life is: Avoid cutting away your teeth unnecessarily! It is simple – but it requires a significant change in mindset.

Most importantly, every medical/dental intervention carries three different COSTS: An emotional cost associated with undergoing a procedure; a financial cost associated with the procedure and lastly, the cost that is most often overlooked – the biological cost of the procedure. Most interventions involve some loss of your tissues -an irreplaceable loss. Therefore the biologic cost of dental care has the potential to carry the highest price you will pay.

Secondly, people often ask ‘how long will this restoration last?’ Good question