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Imagine Being Free of Fears and Phobias

Is there a phobia that you would like to leave in the past? Imagine being free of that phobia and not having to plan your life around that fear. What is the difference between a fear and a phobia? A fear is a natural response to a threat or perceived danger. The response to fear creates a metabolic change within the body, as chemicals and hormones are released to stimulate the person to either freeze, flight or lastly to fight. Fear is a primal response ensuring that you can move to a position of safety. A phobia is an irrational fear that can cause avoidance or panic. It becomes a learned response and can lead to anticipatory anxiety, where the person exhibits anxious behaviour in anticipation of an event or stimulant.

Some of the fears that hold people back are a fear of flying; a fear of dogs; a fear of snakes or spiders (or both – OK that is very common), a fear of confined spaces; a fear of ‘Missing Out’ (FOMO) and a fear of cotton wool (just to show that there are some obscure fears!)

The best way to demonstrate the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy in desensitising the emotional response to that fear is with real case scenarios.

One client had an unexplained fear of dogs. She had never been bitten or attacked by a dog, and at the age of 50, has no memory of ever touching a dog. If a small dog was on the footpath (even leashed), she would still have to walk onto the road to get around the dog, or else experience a panic attack. In our post hypnosis discussion, the client revealed a memory from the age of three that came to her. She was trying to feed a snarling dog through a fence. At the time, she didn’t sense danger. Her mother walked around the corner and upon finding her daughter, she screamed. This startled the child. I asked the client why she was smiling. She replied,

“I should have been afraid of my mother, not the dog.” I would suggest that at an unconscious level, her three-year-old self has taken a screenshot of the dog and has attached ‘fear’. Every time she sees a dog, she experiences fear. Thankfully, she is now free of that fear.

Another client has said, “Amazing results for my crippling fear of heights, bridges and flying. After only one session, I have driven over the Stockton bridge for the first time in 7 years, and I did this with no anxiety.” This client is already rewiring her brain with new positive neurology.

Have you ever considered answering the question, what is a thought?” It is perhaps one of the most difficult questions to answer. We have to beware of thoughts. A thought can lead to words, which become actions, which in turn become habits and behaviours, and this all started with a random thought. In the case of anxiety, a thought leads to a feeling, which confirms the thought. In essence, we have created a neurological loop. So what do you do with those erroneous thoughts? We say in a repeating mantra “this brain is having a thought, this brain is having a thought…”

Countless clients over the years have reported that, as weird as it seems, it works! The mantra is not a guarantee against phobias, but it could be a positive and empowering start as you bring back a sense of calm control.

Are you ready to put your old fears and phobias into the past? Contact me at Cameron Hypnotics to discuss the application of hypnosis and mindfulness. You might also want to check the range of self-hypnosis MP3s on Spotify and iTunes by searching Cameron Hypnotics. For more information, visit

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