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SPRING HAS ARRIVED - Is it Your Season of Change?

Here we are again, another winter has passed, and we are heading into what I call the magical season – Spring and Summer. Spring is the season of change. Clean out the old, and in with the new for a fresh start. It does not matter what this means for you, it could be a spring clean through the house to make you feel refreshed and revived, or you may want or need a spring clean for your life, a fresh start.

It is time to take back control of your own life. Get outside, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, go for a run, join a gym (I know a good one). Either way, you know what you need to do, or do you? This is not a silly question in any way, and it can be what makes or breaks your “Spring Clean Journey”. It is also one of the biggest questions I am asked almost daily.

Every person has a different reason why they are s