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SPRING HAS ARRIVED - Is it Your Season of Change?

Here we are again, another winter has passed, and we are heading into what I call the magical season – Spring and Summer. Spring is the season of change. Clean out the old, and in with the new for a fresh start. It does not matter what this means for you, it could be a spring clean through the house to make you feel refreshed and revived, or you may want or need a spring clean for your life, a fresh start.

It is time to take back control of your own life. Get outside, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, go for a run, join a gym (I know a good one). Either way, you know what you need to do, or do you? This is not a silly question in any way, and it can be what makes or breaks your “Spring Clean Journey”. It is also one of the biggest questions I am asked almost daily.

Every person has a different reason why they are starting fresh, and these reasons can help you strive and push further than you can ever imagine, or be the reason you crash and burn. I know that sounds pretty hard, but you need to be real with yourself to stay real in your success. Some of the key aspects I do speak to members about are:

  • Be realistic about what you are trying or wanting to accomplish. For example, if you have a goal to win a million dollars, you only have a very small chance of being the winner, so don’t set yourself up to fail!

  • Be accountable for your actions! You are the only one who can do this, and you CAN DO THIS!

  • Be consistent; it is the key to routine and habit.

  • Acknowledgement is huge! Do not forget to stop and look at where you have come from and how far you have come. We are always looking forward and at the next “thing” coming, and that is the way we need to move in life, but give yourself the acknowledgement you deserve for the journey you are on. Every day can bring a new challenge, or a new hurdle you need to go over, or around, or maybe even build a bridge to get over it. Each one you overcome or conquer deserves to be acknowledged.

  • Love yourself. If you do not love who you are on the inside and out, you may never be happy with your journey. Self-love and care is a must.

  • Have a support network; this can simply be a positive group chat you are in, or a training buddy, or someone who will ask “R U OK”.

  • Failure - it is mostly used as a negative word, but to me, failure is a chance to start again, to change the outcome, and I do believe when one door closes, another will always open. It is all in the way you look at the situation. Failure is a bump in the imperfect road of life, acknowledge it, and just keep moving forward. You will never fail if you do not stop trying.

Come and join the Planet Fitness Family and let’s do this together having fun.

Speaking of fun… Planet Fitness has been making fitness fun since 1994 – which means we’re turning 25! We are celebrating with loads of fun and games, and we’d love it if you come and join us in our Judgement Free Gym, we’ll be opening the doors to everyone to celebrate our birthday, see the website for details.



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