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MEET THE MAKER - No Limits to Individuality for Bleeding Hearts Duo

There’s nothing quite like a bold statement earring to add interest to an outfit. Whether you’re after a pop of colour, an interesting design or an eye-catching pattern, the ladies from The Bleeding Hearts Club have got you covered with their unique range of handmade earrings.

Madelyn Smith and Alexandra Binskin, the makers behind Bleeding Hearts, met while working at a large fashion jewellery retailer. It was a sign of things to come: a little over six months ago, in need of a creative outlet and a way to spend some spare time, the friends decided to try their hands at creating their own jewellery. After a little self-education through workshops and magazine tutorials, The Bleeding Hearts Club was born. “Things have really just snowballed from there through a process of trial and error,” says Madelyn.

A scroll through the Bleeding Hearts Club Instagram page reveals an expansive range of earring styles and an abundance of colours, shapes and patterns. There are subtle studs and daring dangles, with countless colour schemes and all manner of different shape combinations. Each pair is crafted from polymer clay, a versatile material that’s particularly popular in jewellery-making. “We create and roll the designs; then pieces need sanding, drilling, detailing and glueing,” Madelyn explains. “It’s a bit of a process!”

With a collection that ranges from attention-grabbing statement earrings to subtler pieces for everyday wear, there’s no one word to sum up the signature Bleeding Hearts Club style. ‘Retro’ is one descriptor that has definitely been thrown around, but every pair of earrings they create is different – and really, there are no limits when it comes to the creativity and design process behind the brand. Past pieces have been inspired by everything from nature to fashion. You’ll find patterns reminiscent of snow gum tree bark; colours that capture the essence of the ocean, or the glitter of a galaxy; and designs that evoke the bold, multi-coloured geometric patterns of clothing brand Gorman. And that’s just to name a few sources of inspiration.

“There are so many other amazing polymer clay makers who we get lots of inspiration from, but also artists, photographers and each other,” Madelyn elaborates. “We’re constantly sending each other photos of things to use for inspiration. Often one of us will make something new, and the other will become inspired to try it; things grow from there.” She adds that the pair love to hear from their customers, and will often experiment with recreations and twists on popular colour schemes or designs.

So what’s in the pipeline for the future of The Bleeding Hearts Club? At the moment, the main focus is on creating as many pieces as possible for the monthly Olive Tree Markets. But there are also a few additional projects Madelyn and Alex dream of bringing into being – in particular, earring-making workshops to add a unique touch to occasions such as birthdays, hens’ parties or get-togethers.

Currently, both women work full-time alongside jewellery-making. And with Alex also in the midst of planning a wedding and Madelyn busy completing further study, it’s a lot to juggle. But you’ll still find the pair at every Olive Tree Market, selling their colourful wares with a smile. In addition to market stalls, there’s also a Bleeding Hearts Club Etsy store, which is currently taking a short break. “It can be tricky having enough stock for the markets and to stock the Etsy store,” Madelyn explains. “But we are always keeping people updated via our Instagram, so that is the best place to get in touch with us if there’s something you're after.”

Keep an eye out at the next Olive Tree Market for the friendly faces and fun earrings of The Bleeding Hearts Club stall, and visit @thebleedingheartsclub on Instagram to keep up-to-date with the latest designs.


The Olive Tree Market is held in Civic Park, Newcastle with upcoming market days planned for 6 April, 4 May and 1 June 2019. Visit

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