• Kim-Cherie Davidson

Live Your List - Planets Align for Trip to Uluru

For a long time, Macquarie Hills resident Nicole Stanton had felt a calling to visit Uluru. So when Nicole’s daughter was invited to be a guest runner in the Australian Outback Marathon, it was like all the planets had aligned to deliver her wish. “Uluru was on my bucket list. Though I never imagined the Red Centre would end up being my favourite tick and leave an everlasting impression,” Nicole said.

Her daughter Tanisha as an aspiring Olympic Indigenous athlete was invited by Rob de Castella to run with the Indigenous Marathon Project. Knowing her mum’s yearning to see the rock, Tanisha invited Nicole to accompany her.

“I always thought I would do it someday and when the trip came up, I was amazed. I had wanted to go for so long, and the feeling had been getting stronger. It was like Uluru was calling me, I needed to be there, and I was going.”