• Brett Cameron | Cameron Hypnotics

Grow in Confidence and Self Belief

Would you like to live a life with calm confidence? Do you find yourself cringing instead of blossoming? Do you hear a voice from your childhood or a school memory telling you that are not good enough or you are not deserving of success? Has a loss of self-belief held you back in sporting or performance endeavours?

Whenever I have a client seeing me to help them with a confidence boost, one of the first things that I will tell them is that they do not have a conscious problem. They have a subconscious problem. Consciously they want to be calm, confident and ready to tackle anything, yet subconsciously something is holding them back. It might be something that they cannot pinpoint or articulate. However, it raises a stop sign in their mind regularly, preventing them from achieving success.

In simple terms, your conscious mind is your ‘thinking’ mind. Everything else happens in the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is where we access the automatic functions of the body. It is also where we store habits, behaviours, memories and emotions. If you walk into an environment where you have previously experienced failure, stress or anxiety, no matter how consciously determined you a