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Celebrate With Your Ideal Celebrant

Are you getting married? Congratulations! You have exciting times ahead planning for this big day. Firstly you need to make a list of all those items and people needed to make your day memorable, even outstanding: photographer, hire cars, wedding cake, reception venue, and a bucketload of other ‘essential’ options!

However, the one essential that you cannot do without on your day is (of course) a marriage celebrant. In 1973 the Aust Government first appointed civil marriage celebrants to conduct weddings. Since then a strict Code of Practice has been maintained under the Australian Marriage Act.


Civil Celebrants are required (amongst many other requirements) to:

• Maintain a high standard of service in his or her professional conduct and practice; • Respect the marriage values of the couple and their families; and • Ensure that all requirements for a legal marriage are satisfied.


With so many Celebrants available today, you should choose your celebrant wisely. There are Celebrants today who will dress up as Bugs Bunny for you, or as Batman, or a circus clown. Sounds exciting? But as time passes, will you look back on your wedding day and wonder if it was just a joke! Choose your celebrant from the professional manner that they present, their appearance, their conduct, their experience, their respect for you and your marriage.

I have been a Celebrant for 15 years and have conducted many hundreds of weddings, all where the bride and groom have lived “happily ever after”... at least that’s how they looked when I left them.

Fall in love – then give me a call! Visit for more information.

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