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Extraordinary Porcelain

Think about the amount of food, drink, wine, chemicals, abrasives, oils and general wear that an average kitchen experiences throughout it’s lifetime. No material in the world is more perfectly suited to endure these conditions than technical porcelain tile.

Born of a desire for durability, quality and design, Earp Bros range of technical porcelain tiles have been developed for lifetime performance. Resistant to water, heat, flame, scratching, staining and chemicals, they are designed to last the life of your home while continuing to look as beautiful as the day you selected them.

“There is a more sustainable and environmentally responsible way to develop, manufacture and supply tiles. That’s why we became the first tile supplier in Australia to achieve both Global GreenTag and Declare Label certification. We believe in sustainable actions - not just ‘green’ claims.”

The responsibility is ours. We need to use products and materials that are better for the environment and better for our health. Now you can select beautifully designed, hard wearing porcelain tiles that are guaranteed to perform for the life of your building, with the knowledge that you’ve made the most ethical and responsible choice. Book a design consultation at one of our showrooms in Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane by visiting today!

Pictured top: Glasgow Silver Lappato - Technical Porcelain Stone Look Floor Tile.


Looking for designer tiles at discount prices? Earp Bros Clearance Centre is now open! 41 Darling Street, Carrington 2294. Visit

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