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Delving Deep at Revival’s State Conference

The word of God will be in the spotlight this month when the Revival Fellowship hold their 2018 NSW State Conference in Newcastle. Hosted by the Hunter chapter of the Pentecostal-based church, the conference will run from June 9 to 10 and is expected to attract Revival Fellowship members from around the world, who will converge on Newcastle for coffee, conversation and Christianity.

Six sessions will be held at Newcastle City Hall during the two-day event, with a wide-ranging schedule of topics taking in everything from reviving Bible Christianity to freedom from addiction, as well as the conference’s overall theme of reconnecting with God.

Discussions will also delve deeper into the physical manifestations of God’s power on earth, with Fellowship members sharing their first-hand stories of how they believe God has worked miracles or helped to heal them from illness and addiction.

Each evening will end with a chance for church members to mingle over coffee and conversation with congregations from other Revival chapters.

The Revival Fellowship was founded in Australia in the late 1940's as part of a major Pentecostal movement that began just after the Second World War, which saw the formation of a number of new churches.

The Fellowship promised to bring “a fresh understanding of the need for salvation by grace, the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and the importance of Bible prophecy”.

It was named Revival to reflect the revival of people’s lives through the revival of the Bible salvation message, with a vision to preach the full Gospel of Jesus Christ and in doing so, make known the full benefits of salvation to people all around the globe.

Followers of the church believe there have been many signs to indicate that God confirms the truth of their ministry, with examples of remarkable healings among their members, as well as others, speaking in tongues, or languages unknown to them, after being filled with “The Holy Spirit”.



Over the years the Revival Fellowship has grown throughout various states of Australia and beyond its borders to countries around the world, with associated fellowships in Melbourne, Adelaide, England, Europe and the USA.

The gospel has also spread to Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Vanuatu, Brazil, India, South East Asia and Africa, with people from all races, walks of life, age groups and social backgrounds sharing a common experience through the belief of the Bible being the inspired Word of God.

Many of these followers will make their way to Newcastle this month for the State Conference; however, others opt to share their stories online via the Fellowship’s website, where people can read more about Revival members from around the globe being healed, or discovering a wonderful new life as a Spirit-filled Christian.

In the Hunter, Revival Fellowship meetings are also held each Sunday from 10.30am at 298 Main Road Cardiff. Filled with stories and music, as well as Bible-based ministry, the weekly meetings are suitable for all members of the family, with a crèche and Sunday School provided to teach children about God in an age-appropriate manner.

Each meeting begins with the congregation praising God through song before one or two members of the church elect to share the story of when Jesus came into their lives, and how that experience has changed and healed them. Lessons taken from the Bible are also shared by a church pastor or leader before members take part in communion, spiritual voice gifts of the Holy Spirit and a prayer line.

Several times a year individual fellowships throughout NSW and the ACT gather together for organised prayer and fasting, taking time out from their daily duties to devote themselves to studying the Bible and spending time in prayer with each other.

This month’s State Conference will also offer ample opportunities for members to spend time together celebrating their shared belief in God. For more information about the conference or to register interest in attending visit

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