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STYLING With Cushions

Cushions are a great way to refresh a space instantly. They are the easiest element in a room to play with and to access. It may seem like a simple thing to put cushions together, but when selecting the cushions to use in your space, there are quite a few rules to keep in mind!

SIZE & SHAPE - Cushions come in many shapes and sizes, so mix them up! Put squares with rectangles and use various sizes. Mixing it up is an effective way to bring an element of depth to the lounge with ease. If all the cushions are the same size, it can create quite a formal look. Mixing the shapes creates a softer, homelier look, still with a sense of style.

Remember: there is a point where there may be one too many cushions. Use your judgement and make sure you can still use the lounge to sit on!

COLOUR & PATTERN - If the thought of bright colour in your room on a large scale is a bit scary, start by inserting the colour using cushions. Inject depth into the room with bold colours in the cushion. If you have a floral pattern, pull one of the colours from it and use a plain block colour cushion. Changing the ‘pulled’ colour again refreshes the space, and the floral is seen differently as your eye is drawn to the newly accentuated colour within the pattern. Mixing patterns and textures is also a great way to lift the finish of the space.

KEEPING ON TREND - Trends come and go pretty quickly, so keeping the space fresh and on trend is easy with a quick change of cushions. If there is a seasonal colour you wish to incorporate, choose different tones of the same colour. This goes for decorator pieces in the same room too – try to avoid the same tone in all pieces, or the effect will be lost.

SET THE TONE - The selection of colours and details can set the mood of the space. For example, a set of blue and green hues with self-piping creates a calm yet sophisticated look. This subtle shade variation allows the injection of colour without being too bold as the calm colours don’t overpower the senses. Adding a pattern into the mix within the same colour palette can create a more fun look while not being too out there or changing the overall mood.

The selection of fabrics also changes the tone created. Want an element of luxe without using full-on bling? Use materials with a sheen or soft shine like velvet or silk. The sheen adds the luxury with an air of elegance and style. They encourage touch, which adds to a more comfortable and inviting feel. For the more casual atmosphere, the chunky weaves, cottons and linens are a great choice. They work well in every day, and the look-a-like linens or blends are durable and more versatile, especially when you don’t want to be too precious with them.

INNERS - The preferable inners for cushions are feather. These allow you to sink into them and they mould and adjust to your body. They allow you to ‘chop’ them on top to soften their appearance when placed on the lounge or bed. This small added element creates a refined impression. If you need cushions to stand up straight, the poly inners are great. Be aware that if you have a leather lounge, these are the ones that will slide onto the floor as they don’t sink down like the feather filled cushions. They are lower maintenance however with less ‘fluffing’ required.

MAKE THEM YOUR OWN - If you can’t find the right size, shape, colour, finish or pattern to complete your room, why not have one custom made? Choose the fabric and the size you want. We use local sewers to create beautiful combinations for our clients, with the ability to detail them as they wish. Contrast piping, different fabrics on the front and back, help with the pattern and colour combinations. For those who prefer to see and touch the fabric and ensure the colour is just right, this is the avenue for you. Why have the same as everyone else when you don’t have to!

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