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New Treatment For Sensitive Issues

Dr Kathryn Holmes is the founder and director of the Mayah Clinic at Lakelands – a professional boutique clinic specialising in laser, skin health, cosmetic medicine, beauty and now the new ThermiVa technology. Dr Holmes had the first Halo fractional Laser in Australia at the Mayah Clinic and says it’s been a highly successful addition to the skin management options available to the clinic’s clientele over the last three years. It’s also seen the clinic garner the reputation as a leader when it comes to embracing effective new technologies.

There’s been a lot of buzz about the new ThermiVa technology, and so we went straight to Dr Holmes for the answers!

What is ThermiVa? ThermiVa is a tool for treating symptoms that many women never talk about. They think that they just have to put up with them. That nothing can be done to help them. But now we really can offer a non-hormonal, non-surgical treatment to treat vaginal issues, like stress incontinence, post-menopausal or chemotherapy-induced dryness and irritation, laxity and orgasmic dysfunction.

Isn’t this a bit different to the other treatments the clinic specialises in? That is true in some ways, however, when I think about the concerns of our clients in a holistic way, it seems obvious that our clinic could and should provide a supportive, medical setting to address these very common but often distressing problems.

How does it work? It is a radio-frequency device - basically, that means it isn’t a laser so it can provide gentle tissue heating with no burning of skin at all, so no healing downtime time. It is possible to return to normal activities immediately. BUT this heating is effective at stimulating new collagen and elastin internally and externally. The increased blood flow results in healthy functioning tissue. This truly is such an exciting life-changing treatment.

Who can benefit from this? At all stages of life, stressors can cause problems for women in this intimate area. Vaginal births can result in stretching and damage resulting in pain or laxity. Hormone changes can result in dryness, irritability and reduction in healthy functioning. Women treated for Breast Cancer will often suffer similar problems as a result of the medication they are treated with, so this is a fabulous option for them.

Can anyone have ThermiVa? This is a medical procedure, and so there are medical issues to take into consideration. That means it is necessary for everyone to have a consultation with me before treatment to assess suitability. They also need to have had a recent PV and Pap smear by their general practitioner.

This professional level of care is what the clinic provides in all areas of treatments it offers. I would also urge clients to think carefully about where they are going for treatments and who will be doing those treatments. At a time when the enforcement of regulations is not keeping up with the explosion of laser, skin, and cosmetic clinics, it is up to the individual to do their research. For example, it is illegal for cosmetic injections to be performed without a doctor prescribing those treatments, as the products used are prescription items, with uncommon but real risks - as we saw in Sydney recently!

So if someone thinks ThermiVa might be right for them, what can they do? They just need to call the Mayah Clinic and book in for a consultation! Easy!

Find out more here: https://themayahclinic.com.au/

or phone: (02) 4954 5044

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