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Colour is OK Again!

All those who love colour “it is OK!” Using colour in our homes is trending in a big way with navy, terracotta, greens and even yellow adding to Spring colour schemes.

If we look around at the fashions for spring, beautiful bright floral dresses and tops can be seen in the stores. Greenery is still a popular trend that is a lovely addition to your neutrals and adding some of the new Pantone colour shades will develop a beautiful spring feel to your home.

Sticking to the same hue is very important when adding colours together. Already some beautiful floral cushions and artwork can be seen in our store.

Interior design has always followed fashion, and it usually takes a few years to translate into interior design, but after a discussion with another insideout team member recently, she noted that the timeline for this happening is getting shorter, and I agree.

Colour can be tastefully added to a neutral pallet, and we love to help you do this correctly - so “call in and ask for advice” is our number one rule in our store! This will save you time and money; you will also achieve a more finished result.

Neutral whites are more of an off-white, and sandy colours complement them. Mid-tone greys will add depth, and all these neutrals can be grounded with beautiful navy or terracotta. Yellow and mauves can also be added to these neutral hues.

Now is the time to do the unexpected. Mix colours that you wouldn’t have done in the past. A Bohemian influence and eclectic trends should make us feel we can be brave and add in the colours we love and evoke the feel we are looking for in our home.

If colour scares you, try adding the smallest amount, if this is grounded well, it will change your neutral pallet up for the spring months. You don’t need to go overboard – here are a few colour tips:

  • Hue - This is one of the main properties of a colour, defined technically as "the degree to which a stimulus can be described as similar to or different from stimuli that are described as red, green, blue, and yellow".

  • Greens - Create a cool and calm feel to your home (emerald green can add a stylish elegance if adding black and white as a contrast).

  • Blues - Help to create a fresh and coastal feel (Navy and white together can look very stylish and create a formal look) Dark navy in a bedroom and adding a few contrasting colours in the same hue (no white) will have a moody effect. Mixing blue and greens can be done well; hue is the important thing to get right.

  • Yellow - Creates a happy mood and gives a warming effect. If overused though it can lose this feeling and just be overpowering. (Apparently, babies cry more in a yellow room, so don’t paint your nursery this colour).

You will notice when playing around with colours that they change when put together. Our team at insideout will work with you to help customise cushions to bring out the best in your décor. We advise that fabrics are taken home, and when they are in-situ in your home you will know if these are the right choices. Just the smallest attention to detail will make your home interior sing. The saying less is best still applies, and your eye will know when to stop. If you need advice, we will let you know. Drop by the store to see the beautiful new Spring colours in-store or visit our website at www.insideout.com.au

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