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Why Aren’t You DELEGATING?

Delegation is an important skill, but it’s one that a lot of people struggle with. The benefits of delegation are immense; it will improve your life, help you to become more efficient and buy you back time.

No matter your position and role, from business owner to receptionist, you should only be dealing with the tasks that are at your level. It’s not good for business to have the business owner emptying the bins each night when they could be networking and meeting potential new customers who could bring in significant new work for the business.

So, why don’t people delegate? Here are the top five excuses people use when they aren’t delegating effectively:

  1. No one else can do this job as well as me. This approach is insanity! It’s just going to keep you stressed and busy, so it’s not a long term solution. You either need to train your team or replace them with people capable of completing the work.

  2. No one volunteered to help me. Isn’t that sad? Business owner and managers often think that as no one has volunteered to help, that means that no one cares enough about the business to help them. The reality is that others are completely unaware that you need the help!

  3. Everyone else is too busy. If your team is so busy that they can’t possibly take on any more, you need to ask two very simple questions - are they good delegators themselves? Or, are you under staffed? Do you need more people?

  4. It will take me too long to explain it. This could be true for the first time you get someone to do the task for you. But if the task you’re looking at is something you do over and over again, the time and energy you’re going to waste by not delegating will far outweigh the investment you need to make to teach someone else. If you don’t delegate these tasks, you’re sentencing yourself to a lifetime of doing them yourself.

  5. What if they do a better job than me? Good leadership is simply getting the right job done, by the right person in the right amount of time.

So, if you’re going to do that, you want to hope that someone does do the better job than you. Successful business leaders don’t worry about the small stuff. They trust their team to do a stellar job and aren’t threatened by team member’s success.

There’s a lot that can stop effective delegation from actually occurring! The benefits of effective delegation are countless. You’ll find you have more time with your family, more time working on the valuable tasks that you actually enjoy doing, that you achieve the goals that you set for yourself, that you help other people to grow and that the business makes more money.

If you’re not delegating to other people in your team, how are they going to develop and grow? And, what will motivate them to stay with you and the business?

The biggest benefit of effective delegation is the sense of achievement you’ll feel at the end of the day. No longer will you end a day feeling like you’ve been really busy, running around, but you haven’t achieved anything.

Sound familiar? If you find yourself using these excuses regularly, stop and take stock. You need help to understand why you’re not delegating effectively. Visit today.

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