• Chloe Sullivan

ON TOUR WITH THE KID - The Happiest Place on Earth

On the list of things that annoy me, and it's a long list, is a rant I recently saw on social media. This is the short version of what was a three paragraph long complaint. It was penned by a female acquaintance, who had been waiting for three months for her husband to install the brackets so that she could hang her curtains. A string of replies followed, the summation of which seemed to be "yes men are hopeless aren't they" and a chorus of "you go girl".

Here is my question, why on earth would a seemingly sensible woman in her 40's be waiting ninety days for anyone else to do something she could have easily done herself. It has always been my understanding that the phrase "you go girl" is meant as recognition that said girl had done something empowering. In this case, I feel like it should have been replaced with "for goodness sake woman, go and buy yourself a drill!”