• Andrew Minto | Co-Director of itravel the Junction

An Indian Experience!

I have recently returned from India - what an amazing destination it is! I was pleasantly surprised at how clean the country was for the amount of people that live there. (India is tipped to overtake China this year having the worlds’ highest population!)

The people of India are so vibrant and happy, despite how little most of them have. They are always so colourful, dressed in beautiful saris, offering many great photo opportunities!

I know it’s cliché but the Taj Mahal is truly amazing. An absolute must see in your lifetime.

The food in India was delicious and consist mainly of beautiful curries with chicken, fish and vegetables along with pappadums and of course rice. The main religion in India is Hinduism and many Hindus avoid eating meat so meals will rarely include red meat.

I had many meals included in my tour so we ate at reputable restaurants and hotels so we had no ugly ‘Delhi Belly’ experiences! You definitely have to be careful what you eat and where from, which is the advantage of travelling with a reputable tour company.

It can be extremely hot in India so it is important to travel at the right time of year to be able to fully enjoy this fascinating destination. I would highly recommend adding India to your ‘places to go’ it is truly amazing!

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