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Have you hit a plateau in your training? Are you feeling less motivated to get into the gym? Is your healthy eating taking a hit because of this? Then I highly suggest you find yourself a training buddy or get into some group fitness classes or boot camps. These two training options are highly beneficial and crucial to reaching your fitness goals.

Everyone has their own fitness journey and no one individual is the same. From my personal experiences, I have found training with a partner and/or in a group is an excellent way to stay motivated and learn new exercises and skills. I would highly recommend to all you lone rangers out there to give it a go and find a training partner with similar goals as you, to improve not only your training, but also yourself.

Just recently I have started training with a new friend from Melbourne who has pretty similar fitness goals to myself. Although I am a trainer and he isn’t, we are both still teaching each other new things on a regular basis. No one person is ever going to know everything there is to know about fitness. This is why it’s so valuable to widen your horizons and get involved with other people on your fitness journey.

I firmly believe life is all about self-improvement and having a good time along the way, which is one of the many reasons why I love working in the fitness industry. As a Personal Trainer, I have many clients coming through - all wanting to improve themselves in some way, shape or form, whether it be a goal for improved physique, enhanced fitness or to develop an overall healthier lifestyle. And many of these clients have been members of the gym for quite some time but are seeking a change and a kick of motivation.

This is when I direct them into my boot camp and not one person has disliked the class. I have more and more members of the gym wanting to join and get involved because they are seeing how the current members are getting great results and having fun along the way, pushing their limits and reaching their fitness goals.

So, what’s stopping you from getting out of your comfort zone and doing something to improve your health, fitness or wellbeing! Maybe you’re already doing something and it’s just not working, or maybe you’re just not seeing the same results that you were initially. This is the point in time where you have to change it up, maintain consistency and trust the process. Continually moving forward and improving yourself will only improve your quality of life.

No workout is a bad workout! If you continue to get yourself to the gym and you’re doing the right things to achieve your goals, you will push past your plateau and start seeing those improvements you have been trying so hard to earn.

Being a better you and self-improvement isn’t only about one aspect of your life, it’s across the board, but health, fitness and wellbeing are where my passion lies. I challenge you all to try and improve one aspect of your life this week, even if you just take one baby step forward it’s still an improvement and maybe another next week, because once we stop moving forward, then that’s not only a plateau in our fitness but also in our lives. If you’re looking to challenge yourself and maybe improve your health, fitness, wellbeing or lifestyle, why don’t you come and get a training session with me at Planet Fitness Belmont? Take a step out of your comfort zone and try something new and exciting like our Feel Great in 8-group training.

Being involved in group training is a fantastic way to improve yourself and your training for a number of different reasons, such as: • Increased motivation • A drive to push yourself harder to keep up with others • Building friendships • Developing teamwork skills • Working out with like-minded people will help you to find a sense of home in the gym and on your fitness journey. • Learning new ways to be healthy, whether it be exercises, nutrition tips and recipes or fun new locations to work out. • You are held accountable to show up because the trainers and fellow trainees are waiting for you. • And most importantly, IT IS FUN!

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