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10 Tips for choosing and hanging art

At insideout we have a range of wall murals that can be used to evoke the feel you want to achieve as art does, whether it is a study, bedroom or living area. Our love of art is reflective in some of the pieces in our showroom.

Art is very personal and I believe you should love it. Art should earn its place in your home. Visit our store and let us help you find the pieces to bring out your homes personality. Your journey starts here.

► Select a wall that is most visible when you first walk into your home and has an important place in the room.

► Choose a canvas or print that is similar to the shape of the wall. If it is long and horizontal, choose a large rectangle shape or a collection of pieces on that wall. If it is narrow and high, choose a long vertical piece or collection to accentuate the height of the wall.

► If you have a long hallway leading from the entry to the main area of the house, wallpaper can be like a large piece of art to lead to the next room. Wallpaper these days can be custom-made with many designs or images that can be used to tie a room or rooms together. (A great way to decorate a wall)

► Large walls can be filled with large art pieces. The right piece can look amazing and make a room look even bigger.

► Art is a very personal choice. When choosing art remember that colours can evoke feelings. If you want a relaxing, calming feel you can choose blues and greens (in a bedroom for instance). Warm colours can feel warm and welcoming where as bright combinations can stimulate an area. Bright colours are best used in the dining or lounge - a place for conversation.

► If hanging several pieces throughout a room, change up the texture by using a framed art piece and a canvas. Beautiful beaded or embroidered art is inexpensive and can add another layer of texture to a room.

► Framing of an art piece is very important. Not only to the art but also to the room it is hanging in. A good framer can give great advice as to how to frame the actual artwork but always keep in mind the other pieces in the room and how the frame will tie back to them. Choose timber similar to the floor, or a colour that will pick up with other strong elements in the room. Gold or silver accessories will look great if the frames tie back to them.

► When hanging an artwork behind glass remember to take into consideration the glare from the surrounding windows. Non-reflective glass is a better choice, even though it costs more. Keep artworks away from direct sunlight as they will most likely fade.

► Always use acid free borders to protect your art, and if you want it to last get professional advice.

► Art brings out the personality and feel of your home. Take your time, get advice and love the pieces you choose.

At insideout we can help you tie your look together with the choice of rugs or cushions, which will bring out the best in the pieces you have chosen.

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