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Pukara Estate | Bringing gourmet Hunter Valley delights to Newcastle

pukara estate capsicum & chilli jam
Photo Credit: David Griffen. Source: Pukara Estate

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Newcastle's east end, Pukara Estate's Newcastle store opened its doors in late 2022, bringing a slice of the renowned Hunter Valley's gourmet excellence to city dwellers and visitors alike.


The Newcastle store, a proud testament to Pukara Estate's commitment to quality, freshness, and flavour, invites enthusiasts and curious foodies to dive into a world where premium olive oils, vinegars and distinctive condiments take centre stage.

Pukara Estate has long been celebrated for its dedication to crafting exceptional food products, with a particular emphasis on its olive oils and vinegars that have garnered a loyal following. This dedication shines through in their Newcastle store, where visitors can discover the diversity of the range in a convenient location.

At the heart of Pukara Estate's ethos is a passionate commitment to sustainable agriculture, ensuring every product reflects their respect for the environment and the quality of their harvest. The Newcastle store embodies this ethos, serving as a bridge between the high-yielding lands of the Hunter Valley and the urban landscape of Newcastle.

Beyond olive oils and bottles of vinegars, the store offers a curated selection of distinctive food items, Pukara Estate’s own natural skincare line, Earth & Grace, and a variety of Australian products to complement. These products not only showcase Pukara Estate's dedication to quality but also provide a glimpse into the rich agricultural heritage of the Hunter Valley.

For those seeking thoughtful gifts or wishing to indulge in gourmet delights, Pukara Estate’s Newcastle store offers a range of gift packs and custom hampers. These selections are perfect for sharing the flavours of the Hunter Valley with friends and family or for adding a touch of gourmet luxury to your own home.

Pukara Estate's Newcastle store is more than just a retail space; it's a destination for anyone passionate about premium quality, freshness, and flavour. It stands as a proud testament to the fact that the Hunter Valley's gourmet offerings extend far beyond wine, cheese, and chocolate, inviting everyone to explore the rich varieties of flavours that Pukara Estate brings to the heart of Newcastle.


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