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Gym Workouts... The Biggest Mistakes We See People Making


Along with increasing confidence levels and overall wellbeing, many people come to the gym to generally lose weight and ‘tone up’. But for those trying to lose weight, the most common approach we see is people jumping on the treadmill or bike for an hour.

While this type of exercise will certainly help you burn calories and work up a sweat, cardio alone won’t lead to the physique members often say they are striving towards. Incorporating weight training and HIIT into your workout will get you to your goals much faster than slaving away on the treadmill. We suggest- try a Group Fitness class like Body Pump to mix up your routine.

USING TOO-HEAVY WEIGHTS Have you ever seen someone pick up a weight and not be able to finish a set? Using weights that are too heavy for your current abilities only leads to poor technique, which will target all the wrong muscles and effectively waste your time.

Start with light weights (or none at all) to perfect your techniq