• Chloe O'Sullivan

Don't Judge a Man by his Mullet

One of my best friends, Laura Johnson, founded Mulletfest. If you don't know what that is, where have you been hiding? It's a globally famous festival that happens every year in Kurri Kurri at the Chelmsford Hotel.


It began for the noblest reason. The town had lost a generational employer and was suffering from an economic downturn and a loss of spirit. The plan was to create a tourist injection and a chance for people to gather together, be each other's support system, and laugh. Mulletfest delivered in spades.

Mulletfest has been covered by every national news outlet, by Russia Today, The BBC, Ireland AM, and press outlets worldwide since its creation in 2018. Having been on-site for all four events so far, I can confirm, there has not been one anti-social incident. Groups of people come together to raise money for charity and form the most unlikely of friendships.

Having become the national spokesperson for the iconic 80's haircut and even sporting one herself, Laura gets a call at least once a month from media outlets across the country. It's always some version of the same story for comment.