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Breaking Down the Fear of Gyms

How the Planet Fitness Philosophy is a New Style of Health Club

We sent a survey to thousands of Planet Fitness members, asking them what stopped them from joining a gym, studio or health club sooner, and the majority of answers led to one common misconception.


These words may have run wild in your own mind in the past…

“Not wanting to look silly for not knowing how to use the machines.”

“Fear of peers and people staring at me and watching me fail.”


“Wanting to know more about how you go to a gym.”

“No clue what I was doing.”

These answers all revealed a clear answer: that there is a fear of being judged at the gym. It is one of the most human characteristics to feel insecure when you don’t have prior knowledge of something and then a fear of doing it incorrectly.

I grew up in the Fitness Industry, and I am here to let you in on a little secret. Every member who has walked through our doors with these thoughts and feelings categorises them as the majority. The doubts you have are echoed through our reception every day; the questions you are scared to ask we make sure to inform you of, and we are there to teach you, then start your fitness journey with you.

Planet Fitness has been a local family business in Newcastle for 27 years and was founded on the philosophy of being Judgement Free. We are staffed during all open hours to ensure friendly service (a smile and “welcome back” never goes astray) to answer any questions or queries you have at all times, and we offer a free orientation with a personal trainer for every new member who joins to show them how to use the equipment. We share with you how our community thrives on making everyone feel comfortable and accepted, as we are all simply here to help our physical and mental health.

After being in the fitness industry for so long, we also learnt that gyms need to offer more than just equipment and classes to fit into member’s lifestyles. From here, we grew focused on wellness and wellbeing, leading to the opening of the Planet Fitness Spa.

We realised recovery and de-stressing from working out is crucial, so we installed Hydro-Massage Lounges and Massage Chairs for members to use before or after exercise. We then added an Infrared Sauna and then a Spray Tan Booth so that members can have a new Health Club experience every time they come into the gym. We often have members who just come in to use the Spa facilities some days, not going near the gym floor (no judgement here!).

Planet Fitness offers a free Daypass on our website for anyone who wants to trial the gym floor and Spa facilities across all 3 locations in Lambton, Charlestown and Belmont for 24 hours. You can also talk about our affordable memberships and Judgement Free philosophy with a friendly membership consultant.

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