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A Testament to Artisanal Excellence | Pukara Estate Unveils 2024 Novello


As the leaves begin to turn in the Hunter Valley, the buzz of harvest season is evident, marking a special time of year for local olive oil, vinegar, and condiment producer Pukara Estate.


This season heralds the release of their 2024 Novello, a first-pressed-for-the-season olive oil that draws enthusiasts from across the country, eager to sample what has become a cult favourite.

The term 'Novello,' Italian for 'new' or 'young,' perfectly captures the essence of this freshly pressed olive oil. It is derived from a carefully selected batch of olives, harvested at the optimal moment for flavour and cold-pressed within hours to ensure they retain their vibrant, herbaceous profiles. The result is a peppery and pungent olive oil that offers a pure expression of the olive’s pristine, natural flavours.

Novello offers a unique taste profile, a direct reflection of the preceding year's weather conditions. The amount of rainfall and the season's overall climate intricately shape the flavours of the olives, making every release of Novello distinct. This year's release is no exception, showcasing a depth of flavour influenced by the past year's balance of sun and rain. This natural variability ensures that every bottle of Novello not only captures the essence of the Hunter Valley's unique terroir but also tells the story of its climatic journey.

Each bottle of the Novello is presented in clear glass, showcasing the oil's natural, unfiltered state and allowing its quality to be appreciated visually before it is even tasted. With a limited run of only 1500 individually numbered bottles, the Novello stands out not only for its flavour but as a collector’s item for connoisseurs who value the subtle complexities of truly artisanal production.

Visitors are welcomed at Pukara Estate’s Newcastle store, located on the east end of Hunter Street, where they can immerse themselves in the full range of products. From oils and vinegars to condiments and the Earth & Grace olive oil skincare range, the store offers a unique glimpse into the rich agricultural legacy of the Hunter Valley.


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