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WE CAN BE HEROES: A Backstage Pass

Newcastle Art Gallery is holding an incredible exhibition that will feature some local music history, as well as a behind-the-scenes tour seen through the lens of artists – capturing intimate moments of Aussie and international musicians.

In October, NAG put the call out to locals and local venues for Newcastle gig posters new and old (of local, national and international acts) which will be on display – a fantastic look into the history of the Newcastle music scene. The exhibition puts the spotlight on individual stories that highlight similarities between international superstars and those seeking to achieve their dream of becoming heroes.

WE CAN BE HEROES: a backstage pass celebrates the connection and relationship between the photographer and their subject, in this case the musician, through rarely seen touring images, backstage portraits before musicians perform and views from the stage over the audience that very few of us get to experience.

See this exhibition at Newcastle Art Gallery 14 November - 14 February 2021.


ALSO AT NEWCASTLE ART GALLERY: The Gift Shop at Newcastle Art Gallery has an amazing array of ceramics, jewellery, textile and design objects, much of it created by local makers and creators. Check out this puzzle 299 Cats (and a dog) by Léa Maupetit!

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