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Spring Tweaks for a Happier Space

The warmer weather is here! We can feel the change in the season. We get a Spring in our step, and as daylight saving is about to start again, we begin planning more social gatherings. With 2020 being what it has been, we will find ourselves at home more to do this. With less travel too, we all find ourselves very much aware of the state of our homes. So a Spring refresh is in order!

We have been swamped the last couple of months with full renovations for clients, however your refresh doesn’t need to be so extensive (and with the building industry all quite busy right now, you’d be hard-pressed to get trades pre-Christmas now anyway).

1.ARTWORKS You can bring an entirely new focus to a space with new artwork. It is a subjective piece in the home, so find something that means something to you, or that you know you won’t get sick of too quickly. If you have existing art, consider reframing. This can pull different colours from the art itself to make it appear new to you too! We have catalogues of some wonderful art brands to peruse, or you can visit exhibitions to find a unique piece like the Curve Gallery or Lake Macquarie art gallery.

2.NEW DÉCOR PIECES Add some quirk! Put unique pieces together. Get playful. Mix the pieces you have purchased travelling with a photo frame and a floral arrangement. Go by the rule of 3 or 5 to group items together, and step them down in height.

3. REARRANGE THE FURNITURE You may have had your lounge room in the same layout for years. Can you move the pieces around? Have a look to see if there’s a way to arrange the existing elements in a new way. Measure the space and pieces and make a scale diagram for you to play with before moving the larger pieces.

4. PAINT THE WALLS It’s incredible what a fresh coat of paint can do to space. Not only does it clean the surfaces (and make you clean other things in the process too!), but it also can bring more light in, or make a space moodier, or just make you feel happier. The world of colour is impressive once you start looking into it. A good point of call is the Dulux colour forecasts if you are just starting out. In addition, a colour consultant (like us) will ensure the right shade is used for your space.

5. FLORALS Whether real, faux or dried, having florals and/or greenery in your home will bring an element of nature inside. The faux floral arrangements nowadays are so lifelike they even go so far as to have resin in the base of the vase to look like water. Dried flowers are also very popular at the moment. We currently have gorgeous bunches from Holly Howes for sale in-store, and she guarantees they’ll last at least a year! They can be an investment, however, compare them to a real bunch and time you get from them in comparison, and it’s an easy option!

When spending so much more time in our own backyards, we just want to ensure we enjoy our own spaces, thus creating a calm and happy environment to be in. Of course, we’re always happy to provide advice and guidance at

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