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Hundreds of building sites inspected for Get the Site Right campaign

Lake Macquarie City Council completed 115 site inspections as a part of the annual Get the Site Right Campaign. In our third year participating, the aim was to encourage developers, builders and home renovators to implement appropriate erosion and sediment controls.


Headed by Council’s Erosion and Sediment Control Officer Janine Koppel, inspections were conducted Citywide, with particular focus on Catherine Hill Bay and Cameron Park due to both suburbs experiencing considerable amounts of construction activity.

Ms Koppel was pleased to find that 80 per cent of inspected sites had implemented adequate controls preventing sediment pollution.

“It was rewarding to see the efforts being made by the construction industry and new home owners to keep sediment out of our watercourses.”

“The controls for runoff aren’t recommendations – they are important rules that our community needs to follow to protect our waterways and aquatic life from the harm sediment can cause.”

An average residential dwelling of 450m2 can see up to 70m3 of sediment eroded from site but when appropriate erosion controls are installed, this sediment stays out of watercourses and stormwater systems.

“If we want our waterways to be thriving and swimmable, then we need to make sure everyone understands the impact their actions can have, and how following the rules is to everyone’s benefit – including the environment’s.”

While the campaign may be officially finished, you can head to for more information on erosion and sediment control responsibilities.

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