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Art at Home Workshop Packs from Finite Gallery

Usually, during the school holidays, local gallery Finite Gallery is jam-packed with kids enjoying holiday art workshops - but this year's a little different says owner Leslie Duffin.


"School Holidays are normally a busy time for all of our budding artists, and it's sad not to see them filling up our workshops," she said.

Not to be perturbed by unfolding events, Leslie hopes the kids can unleash their inner-Picasso from home with the Finite Gallery Take-Home Workshop packs that include everything the kids need to create their next masterpiece - all from the safety of their home.

"We urge parents to let the kids burn off some creative energy by grabbing a Workshop Pack and creating at home - who know's - by the end of the school holidays - homes may start to look like galleries!", Leslie enthused.

Each pack contains all the materials required to complete an art project at home. There are five different packs to choose from at only $30 each. Packs can be picked up by arrangement from the gallery (see information below) or they can be home delivered and all packs come with instruction sheets.

  • PAINTING PACK - contains a 40 x 50cm canvas (or two small canvases), paints, brushes, plastic palette, planning paper, chalk, pencil and instruction sheet;

  • DRAWING PACK - contains 10 sheets of A3 drawing paper, pencil, sharpener, eraser, charcoal, instruction sheet and your choice of 2 of the following: soft pastels/coloured pencils/markers;

  • MACRAME PACK - contains twine, beads, metal hanging ring, plastic plant pot and instruction sheet

  • FRAME IT PAINTING PACK - contains your choice of a white or timber look frame, formatted canvas paper, planning paper, pencil, eraser, sharpener, paints, palette and brushes; and

  • FRAME IT DRAWING PACK - contains your choice of a white or timber look frame, formatted drawing paper, planning paper, pencil, eraser, sharpener and your choice of soft pastels or markers or coloured pencils.

To order a package, contact Leslie on 0419 471 660 or email the gallery at

If you would like to pick up your pack - they are ready to go and Finite Gallery will be open between 10am and 12pm on Saturdays (starting this Saturday 4th April). Packs can also be home delivered. To find out more about this little gem in Caves Beach visit and #SupportLocal

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