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THE PROOF is in the Adamstown PUDDING!

There is no better example of the saying ’many hands make light work’ than the Adamstown Pudding Kitchen, where each year the not-for-profit organisation, located just behind the Adamstown Uniting Church cooks, wraps and sells more than 10,000 Christmas puddings to help a variety of worthy causes.

It’s an impressive feat, fueled by lashings of brandy, quality ingredients and a community spirit that has resulted in more than $1 million being donated to worthy projects since its establishment.

Apart from a closely guarded recipe, the secret to their success is the host of passionate volunteers who give up their time to help out with everything from cooking and wrapping the puddings to working the shopfront and various stalls where the delicious treats are sold.

“We’re making more than 10,000 puddings a year, and they’re all handmade – hand-mixed, boiled in cloth and wrapped up in gift boxes or calico,” Adamstown Pudding Kitchen Sales and Marketing Manager Penny Pr