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As a child, this Charlestown resident loved to sing, but as she got older, her passion became buried under the responsibility of ‘being an adult’. Then when her daughter was born, she decided that she wanted to be a role model by honouring her passions and dreams.

A registered nurse, Rebecca Gibson broke her silence about being a psychic medium, and she also started singing again, taking a leap of faith with a singing performance at the renowned Lizotte’s Newcastle in July.

“It was so much fun. I loved it, and glad I did it. I think the key was that I promised myself to take it all in. When I stepped on stage, I stopped, looked at my family, friends and everyone else and took a deep breath. Then for a second everything went still, there was no more anxiety, just peace and joy – it was a very special moment for me,” said Rebecca.

Rebecca sang Fleetwood Mac’s Gypsy as a part of The Voice Studio’s mid-year concert. About four years ago, she started singing lessons with Marty Worrall, an Australian Idol Season 2 top six finalist and vocal coach for The Voice. For nearly 12 months, Rebecca had weekly classes. Then there was a hiatus – until this year.

“I love singing, going to lessons and I really wanted to perform. I always said no because my mind kept saying you are not good enough, too old, you will look like an idiot. This time I said stuff it – I am going to do it!”

Before the performance, she admits to being a bundle of nerves bordering on a panic attack. However, Rebecca decided nothing was going to stop her. Not even a broken foot. She determinedly hobbled to the stage wearing a moon boot and on crutches!

“It was about turning life around, to be my life, living for me. Singing makes me feel good, and it is a bonus if others enjoy it. It is empowering, not to be worried about people’s opinions.”

In the audience was Rebecca’s daughter Sienna (aged five) who, during the performance, pointed and told everyone in earshot “that’s my mummy”.

“I am so glad she was there. It showed her adults get to do fun stuff too. Life is not all about work and making money. She can do whatever lights her up and not what other people want her to do.”

Through coaching with Marty, Rebecca has rediscovered her singing voice through changing her style, genre and intention. Utilising this connection, Rebecca has recently started using singing to effectively help manage pain and stress levels.

“Some people use pain killers and the gym; my outlet is singing. It is so uplifting and healing as well as good for energy levels, connecting to your breath and opening up your spirituality. Music, to me, is the universal language.”

This love of music has led her to write lyrics, and she hopes to work towards writing songs with a deep spiritual connection, record and perform them.

Though she has written lyrics and poetry, Rebecca has never written down her bucket list. It is stored in her head and performing in public has been ticked off along with seeing Oprah live and Stevie Nicks in concert.

Her to-do wishes are to see Heart in concert, belly dancing, host a talk show about singers, musicians and their source of inspiration and energy and interview Lady Gaga.

“Saying some of these dreams out loud makes me feel anxious, but I know I must step out of my fear. I can do it. These dreams will become a reality by connecting to the passion and the joy that makes me feel good. It is a bonus if others are inspired along the way.”

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