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Lifetime Solutions from RetainEase

For local home renovators and landscapers seeking retaining wall solutions, there’s only one name you need to remember: RetainEase. Owned and operated by Gavin and Rachael Kitching, RetainEase provides concrete products for landscaping projects including retaining walls, fencing and more. Concrete sleepers from RetainEase are an attractive, durable and cost-effective alternative to timber, and the team prides itself on five-star customer service and a consistently high-quality product. This month, we chatted with Rachael to learn a little more about RetainEase and its solutions.

How did you come to establish RetainEase? Gavin is a builder by trade with over 25 years’ experience in the building and construction industry, having worked on residential, commercial and industrial sites. We had discovered the concrete sleeper wall system in our own backyard renovations and realised there was no one around locally supplying this type of product. We shipped ours down from Queensland at the time, which was a costly expense. After a few years of thought and research, we decided to take the leap and set up a manufacturing plant here in Cardiff to provide builders, landscapers and homeowners with a local supplier of the concrete sleeper system.

How is RetainEase different from other retaining wall solutions? The RetainEase retaining wall system is as our slogan suggests: the easy way to retain. It’s a set-and-forget product that is super quick to install and is going to last for decades to come. The benefits of using a concrete sleeper retaining wall are endless, but to name a few – they won’t warp, twist or rot over time with the impact of moisture or water; they won’t be eaten by termites; they have quicker installation time than a traditional block wall, which saves on both time on-site and the cost of labour; there’s no rendering or painting required, and a variety of colours and styles available; and it’s a fully engineered product that has been used in projects up to eight metres in height (with tailored engineering).

Talk us through what the RetainEase process looks like. We can arrange for a free measure and quote for supply, and a quote from one of our fantastic installers if you need someone to put the wall in for you. We come out and measure up the site, do up a proposed wall layout to get a visual of what it will all look like, and then send through the quote. If you proceed, then in most cases materials are ready for dispatch within a couple of days, subject to payment.

What are some industry trends you’ve seen lately? We are definitely seeing a rise in the popularity of the concrete sleeper retaining wall. With a lot of areas for development falling into Flame Zone areas, the timber retaining wall is not an option for a lot of owners. We’re also hearing from some building suppliers that the price of hardwood is increasing, and it’s no longer as hard and durable as it was years ago – so walls built from the current timber sleepers potentially won’t last as long as they once did.

We are seeing more people staying in homes longer and looking for a long-term solution rather than a quick fix. Our concrete sleeper systems provide a more time and cost-effective solution to a traditional block retaining wall, and they’re a low-maintenance option, which is what everyone is looking for these days as well.

Any exciting future plans coming up for the business? We are in the process of launching our new Rustic Concrete post and rail fencing system, which is now available in two or three-rail systems. It’s a fabulous new product that can be used in any property but will be suited to rural properties, around homesteads, or just anywhere you want to make a feature.

Ready to take your landscaping project to the next level with RetainEase? Head to www.retainease.com.au to learn more, or contact the team on 4956 5269.

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