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  • Claire Bradshaw

Domayne - Leading the Way in Customised Furniture

Like any branch of design, the world of interiors is subject to constant trends and changes – particularly when it comes to furniture. Right now, for instance, you’ll find everything from art deco styling to velvet upholstery listed as a hot 2019 interior trend. But by this time next year, these are likely to be considered ‘outdated’, replaced by the next big thing in home décor blogs and furniture stores alike.

So what if you’re searching for a piece that goes above and beyond these kinds of trends? What if you have a particular idea or style in mind that just isn’t catered to in the current range of products on the market? Or what if you’re entirely unsure about what kind of furniture will best suit your space? Well, you could try scouring every store and website possible, hoping to magically stumble across the piece of your dreams. Or you could head to Domayne, where unique, customised furniture is just a simple conversation away.

“By customising your furniture, not only do you get a piece that is exactly right for your space, but it will also be uniquely yours,” says Jessika Gauke, Product and Marketing Coordinator (Furniture) at Domayne. “Working with our in-store experts, Domayne can guide you through the process of picking your style, shape, size, colour, fabric and more on many of our ranges.”

Domayne’s aim is to take the intimidation factor out of customisation, guiding customers step-by-step through the process of tailoring furniture and bedding to create perfectly bespoke pieces. There’s an extensive variety of choices on offer, from a simple colour or fabric change through to more comprehensive structural alterations. “Colour is always the most popular change, but we are seeing more people changing sizes and configurations,” Jessika says.

Say, for example, you’d like to build your ideal lounge. Using Domayne’s existing range of adaptable Australian-made lounges and modulars, you’ll be offered a bevvy of alternatives in terms of style, size, configuration, colour and upholstery. You might choose to put together four completely different modular lounge segments to make a bold, contrasting statement; or perhaps you’ll stick with uniform colour and upholstery, but play around with the configuration to suit the exact shape and size of your living room.

Customised furniture is available for every area of your house, from living right through to dining and bedding. You’ll be surprised at how versatile custom bed alterations are, and what they can allow you to do with your space. A custom lowered bedhead, for example, can enable you to place the bed under a window, while extending the bedhead can help to create interest on an otherwise blank wall. Domayne is all about function as well as fashion, too – you can easily increase storage space with a discreet gas-lift or drawer storage in your bed base, which can then be matched precisely with bedside tables.

These are all pretty broad options, but when you go custom at Domayne you’ll be offered choices you might never have even thought to make, getting down to the nitty-gritty to create a product that’s truly perfect for you. We’re talking detail right down to the seat depth and firmness of the foam on a lounge, or the precise shade of the timber stains in your dining furniture. “If you have an antique that you want to go with your new dining suite, there is a colour-matching service,” Jessika explains.

All this said, the team at Domayne understands that furniture buying can be an overwhelming experience at the best of times – especially if you’ve only ever had second-hand furniture, or if you’re not entirely sure what you’re looking for. If you’re undecided on where to start with customisation, upholstery is perhaps the best option to try first. It seems like a simple change on the surface, but the transformative powers of a brand-new finish can be quite remarkable. Whether it’s a bed, lounge or dining chair you’re looking to customise, there are so many combinations available: countless colours, patterns, textures and types of fabric, a variety of grains and grades if you’re using leather, and so on.

However, if you’re just starting out with your interiors and really finding yourself stuck, Jessika has some simple advice about taking things back to basics.

“Decide what is most important – is it look or comfort or both? Are you matching back to existing furniture, or do you have a blank slate?” she says.

“Find some examples of things you love and Domayne can help you create your perfect piece.” Visit the team at Domayne Kotara or give them a call on 4941 3900 to chat through your furniture customisation options. You can also jump online and check out the Domayne Style Insider for inspiration at

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