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List kicked off with Spontaneous Decision

An introduction to a networking business opportunity through a friend, led this Newcastle Wellness Coach, on a path of travel, self-discovery and freedom. Within three months of joining the health supplement network marketing group, Casey Warwick had booked a ticket to a three-day conference in the United States.

“I had never been a spontaneous person but here I was with a ticket to a conference in Fort Worth, Texas, in three weeks and no passport,” Casey said.

It was a big step as Casey had never travelled overseas, let alone by herself.

“The weekend before I left, I was doubled over in pain from gut-wrenching fear, though when I boarded the plane it disappeared.”

Landing in Texas, loneliness engulfed Casey, though she felt safe and advise from home “trust yourself” had her confident it would all work out.

At the conference, her favourite parts were a talk by body language expert Allan Pease and a night out at Porky’s learning to line dance.

However, it was a five-day stay in San Francisco that ended up being the highlight of her overseas debut.

In March 2017, as Casey booked into a hostel – another first: she was greeted by “is that an Aussie I hear?”

“The question came from a bloke from Melbourne, and it was just enough of home for me to relax,” she said.

During her short stay, Casey packed a lot in with her best-loved times being a Twin Peaks tour, a beer under the Golden Gate Bridge and a St Paddy’s Day Block Party, where everything was sprayed green.

“It was fun to be free to be me. I was with people I didn’t know, doing things I didn’t normally do, I trusted myself to let go and let my guard down.”

Casey found this experience had a profound impact on her life.

“It changed everything. I had a taste of freedom and wanted to live it all the time.”

When she arrived home, Casey started to work on living “a big life”, which included a bucket list.

“I realised we could have it all. First, you need to stop limiting your life and step into your fear, and a bucket list can give you this power. What do you want?”

Before her US trip, Casey had never experienced different lands and cultures; now she wants to go here, there and everywhere.

At the top sits Machu Pichu, Everest Base Camp, Sweden and Germany. She has enjoyed a trip to Bali.

Her ‘list’ also includes business goals such as Becoming a keynote speaker in feminine energy, to speak at an international entrepreneurship summit and a 10,000-women movement on feminine energy tips and tricks.

She has already started on this path with the Dating Divinity Facebook page, talks and workshops on feminine energy supporting women to understand feminine and masculine energies and their impact on all areas of life.

“I want to help women to open up to be themselves, to speak their truth and give back to themselves and in turn to the world.”

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