• Claire Bradshaw

Legendary Folk Duo are Back for 20th Visit!

It’s a rare musical act that’s still on top of their game after forty years in the business. A steady cycle of album releases and live shows can be a difficult thing to maintain, even for the most successful group – but legendary Irish folk duo, Foster and Allen, make it look almost easy. With record sales in excess of 20 million and a tour calendar that still takes them all around the world, the duo will return to Australia this year for the twentieth time.

Mick Foster and Tony Allen began their musical journey in the mid-seventies, playing in country music bands together around their home country. “The plan was to try to make a semi-success of it in Ireland,” explains singer and accordion player Mick. “By 1977 we had done that, and we were able to go professional.”

The decision was made to form a duo and play easy listening music and traditional Irish instrumentals. Shortly after, the pair had a ‘tu