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Finding a Way to be Comfortable in Your Own Body

The words plastic surgery conjures up a range of thoughts and images – perfection, enhancement, implants, finesse. But plastic surgery is not always about having the perfect body. In a lot of cases, it’s about giving a person the gift of changing their whole outlook on life.

Erin was in her late teens when she decided enough was enough. Being a larger busted girl with a petite frame was not all it was cracked up to be.

“I was a G cup by the time I reached 20 years of age. With my frame, I looked really out of proportion. Not to mention my bust size hindered my self-confidence and was painful,” Erin said.

As with all major surgeries, choosing to have plastic surgery can be a big decision. For Erin though, the focus wasn’t just on the end result.

“Research is the most important part when making this type of decision,” she said.

“Ask as many questions as you can, speak to the office staff, visit public forums and discuss all of your options with friends and family.”

Which leads to knowing the difference between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon. If you’ve always thought that they were one and the same, you are not alone. Plastic surgeons are a recognised speciality, requiring a minimum of 14 years of training, study and examinations. While ‘cosmetic surgeon’ is a term that anyone with a basic 5-year medical qualification is able to use as the government has not regulated the use of the term.

So, why did Erin choose Hunter Plastic Surgery for her procedure?

“Dr Moncrieff made me feel completely confident in the decision that I was making. And because of the way I felt at that consultation, I went out and straight away cancelled the two other appointments I had with other plastic surgeons in the area and booked my surgery, which was two weeks later.”

When asked about the recovery from breast reduction surgery Erin was frank about some of the challenges.

“For me, it was about two weeks of laying flat on my back, but I know for others it can be longer depending on what they do for work. Luckily, I work in a field where light duties are part of the everyday. I didn’t really experience any pain though, just a bit of discomfort from laying on my back for so long.”

Four years on and Erin is still thrilled by her results. “This is definitely the best decision I have ever made, and it has made me so comfortable in my own body!”

It’s stories like Erin’s that prompted plastic surgeon, Dr Moncrieff, to enter the world of plastic surgery.

“Being able to help someone overcome their insecurities and to be able to love their self-image is a huge bonus in my line of work,” he said.

“I think it is really important for men and women alike to be 100 per cent comfortable in their own body and themselves. It’s not just about having the surgery, but it’s about how you’re treated after having the surgery as well,” added Erin.

Hunter Plastic Surgery is this year celebrating their 10th anniversary, with Dr Moncrieff having performed over 20,000 surgical procedures.

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