• Kim-Cherie Davidson

LIVE YOUR LIST - See it, Feel it, Experience it!

Known for its natural wonders, fabulous food and centuries-old culture, Croatia was high on Glenys Mullholland’s bucket list. And it started to creep up the order when fellow travellers returned raving about it. (Above: Dubrovnik, in the old city, where the Game of Thrones was filmed.)

In September this year, this Novocastrian and several friends went to Croatia and Montenegro for 13 days as part of five-week Europe trip. The verdict was: “Incredible – it was all I had heard and a lot more!”

For this office manager, travel is all about history and learning as you go. She researches a little before setting off to a new destination, then likes to wander, especially the back streets, to soak up the culture, absorb the atmosphere and really feel the place.