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Putting Anger Behaviour into the Past

Would you like to be back in control - in a good way? Do you “lose it” and later regret it? Do you “react” instead of “respond”? Do you find yourself shouting at your children, partner or other drivers for no real reason? How many jobs or relationships have you lost due to anger?

Whenever we get angry, we lose the ability to think clearly, to act logically, to be reasonable - to just make sense. We then begin to second guess ourselves. The stress rises, the blood pressure increases, and then - snap!

You are driving, and everything is OK until another driver does something that annoys you and then … the green monster takes over and growls at everyone. Every other driver is the enemy. Your passengers cop it as well. Right now the rational part of you thinks that is crazy, but at that moment of rage, there is no rational part of you.

It doesn’t have to be that way. I have worked with many people helping them to separate the person from the behaviour. The person is not the behaviour. I have helped them to find the ability to be calm and relaxed and in control. On the emotions ladder, anger is often associated with fear. So if you get angry, it is a good time to stop and ask yourself - “what am I afraid of right now?”

Anger can also be a learned behaviour. I had a client who could clearly identify a moment when as a child he threw a tantrum in a store until he got what he wanted. He saw a new bike that he just had to have. He said he could remember leaving that store brimming with joy. It became a new behaviour. He learnt that If you don’t get your way then scream and shout and maybe get violent. If he wanted to get his way, he knew what to do. And after the tantrum, the reward would arrive with a brain burst of pleasurable dopamine. It worked every time. Until he discovered that he couldn’t maintain adult relationships as the child behaviour reared its ugly head when what he needed was a reasonable, mature adult behaviour.

It might be a simple thing like being afraid of not being in control or a fear of being caught out. It might be a fear of not getting your way. Or as in a lot of cases, you just don’t know why you get angry. It is a behaviour that has been with you for so long that it seems to be a part of you. It is the way that you are wired.

But it doesn’t have to be. People change every day. So can you. Hypnosis is a very effective modality in dealing with behavioural issues. To move beyond angry behaviour, we must raise our (EQ) emotional intelligence. We do this by improving:

  1. Personal competence (self-awareness and self-management)

  2. Social competence (social awareness and relationship management)

Most clients will experience amazing change after a tailored three-session program.

Over three sessions of hypnotherapy and NLP, I will help the client to:

  • Gain awareness of self. Becoming aware of the origin of behaviours.

  • Learn the power of being “in” control, not “out” of control.

  • Be more confident in communication.

  • Gain a working understanding of breath control and mindfulness.

  • Know when someone is “pushing your buttons” and have the ability to be disconnected from those buttons … and more.

Are you ready to put the anger into the past? Check out my 3-Session Anger Management program for $399. You might want to check the range of self-hypnosis MP3s on Spotify and iTunes by searching Cameron Hypnotics. Health Fund rebates apply where applicable.

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